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Done with your with your driving training and passing your driving test? Wondering how to proceed with getting a new uk driving license? Or don’t have a driving test but you are an experienced self made driver, in need of a new driving license.  Here at full UK Driving License we provide You with a new first time driving License, All Categories. Our driving License are verified and DVLA standard. To Apply for a new driving License simply contact our Customer service. Where You would be guided on how to apply. Or you can Apply online.

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To Apply for you new Driving License:

  • Contact our Customer Service
  • Select your category of UK driving License
  • Submit the required documents needed to process your driving license.
  • An application fee of 55£ for adults under the age of 75.

Driving licences may be received by means of any UK resident over the age of 17, difficulty to sure conditions. But you may power a car when you are sixteen if you get, or have applied out for, the enhanced fee of the mobility component of Personal independence Payment (pip). First of all, a provisional licence is issued, which restricts the holder to driving even as observed by a driving force who is at least 21 years vintage, who has held a full licence inside the class of car they may be supervising the learner motive force in for as a minimum 3 years, and does no longer permit the provisional licence holder to power on motorways. From june 2018, provisional licence holders were allowed to pressure on a dual carriageway presenting that they had been with an permitted riding teacher in a car with twin-controls.

The provisional licence may be exchanged for a full licence after the holder has passed the practical driving test. Upon reaching the age of 70, drivers may apply to have their licences renewed with their doctors’ permission.

Many foreign driving licences permit one to drive in the UK, but must be exchanged for British licences after a year. Drivers from the USA, however, must take a British test if they wish to drive in the UK for more than a year after arriving in the country. This is because US driver licensing is carried out by individual states, but the US Constitution does not permit individual states to enter bilateral treaties with other sovereign governments. However driving licences from the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are valid in the United Kingdom.


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